Sunday, September 30, 2012

Old Dog, New Tricks

Teaching math has changed drastically since I was employed full-time.  Drastically.  When I graduated teacher’s college and began teaching (Grade 7 - circa 1999), I used chalk, textbooks and overheads in my daily math lessons.

**** 10 years later ****

Enter to the supply-teaching world a 35-year-old mother of 3, “OCT” - who has never used (let alone seen) a Smartboard.  Wowzers.  I have always had a keen interest in technology and taken pride in being able to help my chemical engineer husband overcome minor PC issues (Right click! Sheesh.), but this was way over my head.  Pun intended.  I officially went to teacher’s college in the Dark Ages.

Now, even as a (somewhat) seasoned supply teacher, I find it hard to imagine a day in a classroom without a Smartboard.  What on earth would I do?  The most ridiculous part about this last statement is that I am still learning and am probably still considered a total rookie where this device is concerned.  I wish they would provide Smartboard training for Occasionals.

Thank goodness for the AQ’s.  This is my 3rd course in the last year and I feel like I have gone to teacher’s college all over again and have gained confidence to get back into the classroom and conquer the curriculum.

I do realize the Smartboard is just the beginning, am learning quickly how to utilize it where math lessons are concerned, and loving every minute.  This old dog is ready for some new tricks.