Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The love of sports to learn Math

Ever since I can remember I was always fond of sports and had a love with the statistics and numbers used in them. One could endlessly review facts and figures of players and teams, wins losses, points talleyed, player stats, dimensions of playing fields one could go on and on. Just look at this site numbers, numbers and more numbers you just have to love it. I can't say how this influenced my ability to understand mathematical concepts but I'm sure it provided great practice in core abilities such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, percents, fractions, units, decimals, charts, tables, graphs to name a few. Knowing this I watch my eldest son, now in grade 5, his most proficient subject is math, and he like me enjoys sports and all the statistical information that goes along with them. He enjoys spending time reviewing the statistical information and I'm sure doing what I did. So is there a connection between sports and math, absolutely, is there opportunity to use students passion for what fascinates them and tie it to mathematics absolutely. Do we have the opportunities to guide each student to see the connections of math in the real world, absolutley, but will each student use this information to naturally expand their understanding of math it's hard to say. Perhaps knowing some of the students interests and providing more personalized real world connections would provide opportunties to get more students to naturally expand their mathematical abilities and in turn love math.


  1. I'm in the same boat, Ralf! I take it you have read or watched the movie Moneyball? I had to read it as part of a Sport Finance course, and definitely recommend it to the sport/math fanatic. I'm more of a hockey fan, and often visit for updates on team spending to help me predict trades and free agent signings!

  2. I totally agree Ralf! I hated reading as a kid, but devoured sports books! I think that is why baseball and math ended up being my two favourite pastimes as a kid! Stats galore! I still spend far too much time on and get lost in the numbers. There is no end to the salaries/yearly totals/career totals/ratios/and comparison tools.

  3. Chris & Paul

    We may getting older but some things don't change.

  4. Hi Ralf, I guess , now when I reflect on your post, it should be a connection between sports and math. My little on also enjoys math as his favourite subject and also loves tennis . My though is that this connection is more like the 2 complement each other: math is precise with an objective scope while tennis and a competitive sport are prone to subjective scope and decision. It is very interesting!!
    Please check my blog I created for my little one so we both have some is about adversity and his passion!
    Any comments are welcome!