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Math is fun for Kids

Math is fun for Kids

          From my childhood I love math. To find the solutions of math problems and think about it was my hobby and challenge. I can remember that I spent a lots of time to get the solutions of different complex math and also I liked it. Most of the people all over the world especially for the women think that math is a very hard and complex subject for them. But as an OCT certified teacher my goal is to prove that math is fun for kids/children/students. As for my target, I always try to use many different activities in the math class as per that grade level and also as per the topics.

        For example, in my practice teaching in a grade 5/6 class I asked the students to choose one number in their mind, and I can tell their exact number without asking them. So, all the students' were surprised how do I do it? Then I told them this is not a magic trick just have to do some calculation.

        So, students picked their own number in their mind. Then I gave the instructions like “Multiply your number by 2, then add my number 6, then divide the number again with 2 and tell me the quotient.

        When they told me the quotient, I just subtracted half of my number what I asked them to add earlier and then I can tell what their number is.
        If one student chooses 12 as his number, then as per the rules
        12 X 2= 24, then add my number is 6, is 30, then divide by 2 is 15.
So, student's told me the quotient is 15. Then I subtracted 3 as per half of my number, then I get 12 which is the student's number.

        After I told all the students’ numbers separately as per their different quotients, they wondered how I did it. Then I explained to them that this is nothing but only some mental calculation.

        This is one example of how the students were engaging them-self in the math activity with fun.

        As a math teacher, in the last few years I have been engaging myself with different age groups of children with numerous kinds of math activities and math games as per their grade level. In my blog, I want to add one fabulous website which I have been using most with the students and which I believe will be more acceptable and benefiting for others.   

The website address is:

MATH IS FUN! This website provides a lots of math activities and games which covered all the students for different grade levels interacted with the curriculum expectations. They convinced millions of people how fun and enjoyable math activities are. 

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