Saturday, July 1, 2017

My "go-to" websites for Gr 7/8 Math

My "go-to" websites

This year, I have relied on a few amazing websites that help me to teach math in a more meaningful and interesting way. I thought I would share these sites with you! - If you haven't heard of this website already, you are missing out! This is a great place for teachers because they make math lessons that apply to real life! They supply you with lesson plans, iPad apps, book reviews and more! - This website provides you with virtual math manipulatives. Again, it is nicely organized by Grade and Topic, so it is easy for you to find what you are looking for. If you students are hesitant to use manipulatives, you can try using these virtual manipulatives! We know that students are always more engaged when technology is involved! - This website is great because it is organized by Grade and Topic. Your students can visit this website and practice a specific skill you are working on in class.


  1. Love the 3act Math! We did a neat math lesson one day asking the students how many basketballs would fit in our classroom. It was borrowed from an idea about how many actual size nickels would fit in the giant nickel in Sudbury. We did not direct the students but just let them come up with their own ways and ideas about how to solve the problem!

    1. Wonderful example of another 3 act math Jordan! I am curious to know what different ways students must have come up with to find the answer!!

  2. ABQ Math blog, Wanted to add another website for to help teach adding and subtracting integers, especially in middle school when the kids deal with negatives and the +- and - - operations. Great visuals and easy context to relate to!