Friday, May 11, 2012



Do YOU enjoy new and exciting ways to teach Math?

Tired of all your standard poster assignments? Then you'll love this new and interactive online poster creation site called Glogster.

Check out their site now -

      I believe I did mention this interactive online program during one of my earlier posts in the course, so I figured why not discuss this innovative creation here. I know it is hard to come up with new, exciting and engaging ways to teach math, or to observe what students have learned. Last year, I made the discovery of this little gem.

       Basically the site allows you to make a poster. "Oh fantastic, another poster project..." That's right I can read your mind! However, this is not true! Like I said glogster is an interactive poster experience!
Students can not only add images and text to their poster but interactive media too! Students can add animated pictures, videos and music to their posters in order to create something unique, individual and fun! 

    Of course there is a fee for the educational version of this online software. However, once mentioned to my administrators there was no problem paying the minimal fee. (It is approx. 99$ for a year with 200 accounts or 30$ for 50 accounts) 

     The program does have it's own bank of educational videos and images that could helps students, not only in math, but in all subject matters. This bank can be used to create the poster or if the students are unsatisfied they can also upload their own material (photos and videos) if need be.

     Here, I have included a few screenshots of an assignment I have given my students in the past. I had asked my grade 7 and 8 intermediate students (remember I teach in French) to explain the principles of positive and negative integers as well as explain adding and subtracting fractions. (on two different glogster posters - screenshots are of these projects) I was pleasantly surprised by the results and they made for a good formative assignment to make sure everyone understood the concepts! 

     There is also a regular everyday version of the site for those who wish to exploit other hobbies or habits. (Sort of like pinterest)

    I hope this is useful and if you have any questions about glogster I could certainly try to help.


  1. Picking a favourite activity, site or resource and then epxlaining how to use it is a great way to develop a blog post. You mentioned Glogster in the discussion so I am glad you had the follow through here.

  2. This seems like a creative tool -- would love to try it out! I actually have a French student coming in on Tuesday and she needs to put together a presentation about a famous French-Canadian. I was going to show her Prezi (because that can be like a big poster board that allows you to focus in on certain points) because her teacher wants it to be computer-based. This would've been great to use, too, though. Perhaps I'll mention it to her to see if her school already has it.

    Regardless, a very cool tool. It's too bad these resources aren't free :P