Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Making Math useful

Problem solving is my favourite part in math.  We hear the students very often say "when am I going to use this or that math skill in my life?"  That is why problem solving allows them to see and experience  the use of these skills.The role of math is to give the kids the knowledge they need to function in the real world. When they are learn how to solve problems they are more prepared for unpredictable situations during a working lifetime.  I remember when I was in Teacher's College one of the professors reminded us that we, the teachers profit more than the students from  the lesson we teach since we are the ones that try to adjust it to different learning levels and styles,  analyse and if it doesn't work we go back and think about it. Therefore,in order for students to learn how to solve problems they need to test, experience, develop their own theory, or try something new.
That is why I would like to share a really neat website that makes math practical and useful. I think is mostly for gr.7 and up students. This website shows how numbers effect everyday decisions. Students will find numbers through simple situations such as cooking, decorating a house etc. Also here math helps them learn how to shop wisely whether to buy or lease a car or even to use cash or credit cards. It is a valuable website for teachers as well. Have a look please.
The video was supposed to be at the very bottom of the blog:)


  1. Great video Lira! I think it really is a good example of how some students will misinterpret how to do long division, multiplication, addition, etc mostly because of using the old standard method of writing it out. That's why it can be so important to use manipulatives so they can physically see the representation of the concept being taught.

    I agree with you as you suggest the problem solving helps students to realize how math is incorporated in the world around us, and thank you for that helpful website!

    For a look on more videos like the one in this post, Youtube: Ma & Pa Kettle Math - similar situation!

  2. Sharing is another common blog activity. Kind of like our Show & Tell activities in the course. And yes, videos are sometimes hard to place in these blogs. Sometimes I am happy just to have it show up.