Thursday, June 14, 2012

Math Games

During my time volunteering I occasionally find myself in the computer lab working with a particular classroom. After utilizing much of the time to complete a particular class, the teacher often allows for free time where students are able to access other educational resources. When students are provided with this opportunity I find that many gravitate toward the games that are offered either on the school computer, or websites that the students frequent. I sit back and watch, and I wonder to myself if these games serve any purpose at all. I don't want to sound like a pessimist but many of the games seem to be played without much thought behind them. For instance, a stick person swinging from a line (where the line is adjustable) and they must grab a second line to get to the platform on the other side of the screen. With math in mind, a student should be able to figure out relatively quickly whether they need to lengthen or shorten the line. I don't think that this is necessarily the case.

Since it is identified as free time, I wonder if young learners take this as a moment to free their minds from the stresses of school. Instead of thinking of whether a particular decision makes sense to attain a particular outcome, is it easier to be thought free and just take the time for what it is; free?

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  1. I agree with you Andrew that some of the games that the students are playing don't need a lot of thought to complete. Games such as math circus (which I believe is the one with the stick figure) are not challenging for students, most of the time the students just guess until they get the right answer.The students free time could be used way more effectivly.