Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My First AQ Course

I thought I would take this last opportunity before the course ends to reflect on my experience in this course. 

This was a heavy course and with it being my first ever course of this type I was overwhelmed from the first day.  After just finishing school I found it very difficult to manage my time and finish all that was expected from us (especially with the gorgeous weather we have been having).  I enjoyed some assignments better than others and I wish I would have had more time to focus on them.

Although there was a lot of work, I do appreciate all the resources that were presented.  These were all great tools that should be used in the classroom and I would enhance them a great deal. 

My favourite part would have to be the Assignment 6 where we were to send our work to other people and have them give feedback.  The timing aspect was difficult because everyone was on different paces, but I love receiving feedback and am open to any suggestions that can be given.  This is a tool that should also be brought to the classroom because too often school becomes a competition instead of a safe working environment.  Now, some competition is always welcomed because it encourages learning but it can also turn students off to learning (in math especially).

Overall, it was a pleasure sharing this experience with all of you and maybe we will meet in our future teaching careers!

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  1. I agree with you Jenn that this was a very demanding course. The resources that we found as a class are going to be so helpful in our future teahing careers and made it well worth it.