Thursday, December 7, 2017

21st Century Literacies, HOW do we accomplish this?

As displayed in the image above there are many aspects to 21st century literacies. 21st century literacies were introduced into education in order to prepare students to develop into young adults and face the real world that we live in today. One thing that I have come to notice within the 21st century literacies and incorporating them into a mathematics classroom is that for the most part you can integrate each of these into examples and activity topics as real world scenarios to target student interests as well as prepare them for becoming an adult in society.  Literacies like financial literacy, technology literacy, environmental literacy, global literacy and multicultural literacy can be integrated into the mathematics classroom easier than the  others because they are great topics to use for examples, activities or question topics. Media literacy can be integrated as well by talking about medias portrayal of sales, and consumerism, advertisements integrating this then into financial literacy and mathematics. Mental health literacy and moral literacy are a little more challenging for me however these might be brought into play with classroom rules and expectations as well as living skills within the mathematics classroom. If anyone has other ideas for incorporating these into the math class please leave a comment on this blog as I would love to hear them.



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