Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pinterest and Math

I have recently been exploring Pinterest for new ideas with regards to teaching math.
I typed in the search engine "math and art" and came across this great idea.
I think it is beneficial for students to teach math through different concepts. Linda mentioned teaching math through music, I think teaching math through art is also a good idea.
The link above shows how to create colourful 3-D shapes. This would be a great way for students to create their own shapes and then explore angles, side lengths etc.
Implementing math into other subjects is a great way to make math connections to the real world as well. For instance, the teacher could address how being an designer for buildings uses math because dimensions need to be accurate.

I am interested in hearing your ideas!

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  1. Two Comments:
    1. I love pinterest for teaching ideas. There are a lot of math ideas on there and it is always great to share ideas and build on them.
    2. I think math is a subject that can so easily be integrated into so many other subjects. In doing so, I agree that we build in the real life applications of math. Art is a great way in doing so. I think these paper polyhedrons you have shown are great. They would be fun for the students and have so much math discussion attached to them. This would also be a great way to make the polyhedrons if you didn't have the manipulatives available for you to build them within the school.