Monday, May 29, 2017

Riddles to Start Your Day!

Hi Everyone,

Here’s a fun little website that can come in handy as a great starter to a class lesson:

The Math Riddle Section of the Math Warehouse provides a good selection of riddles that can be used in a class to kick start your students’ thinking. Riddle are always fun and are really helpful in getting all of your students focused, thinking and collaborating in class. Hope everyone enjoys the link and is able to integrate it into their lessons!




  1. I have loved using riddles in my placement classes, especially on Fridays as a "Fun Friday" activity to start off the last day of the week. When I asked my students for feedback at the end of my placement, they ALL mentioned how much they enjoyed them! I particularly like the Ted Ed riddle videos, such as this one:

    Some of the riddles are quite a bit harder, so I would only use these with grade 11 or 12 students, and allow them to work in groups, but they really get them thinking! Also be sure to try to solve it on your own first, and watch the whole video (one or two of them are incorrect), but overall I have really liked using them! It motivates students to think and use their brains even when they are tired at the end of the week and ready for the weekend.

    I really like this site for riddles too! Good find!

  2. I like riddles because they give a challenge to the students and they are intrigued and want to find it out. Along the lines of riddles, these are also great sites with many mathematical jokes. Great ideas for hooks or just to add humour to your math class. As a professional teacher, you would have to sift through them and find which ones would be appropriate for the class.