Sunday, May 6, 2018

Why I Want to Teach Math

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Growing up, I didn't love math and I didn't dislike it.  It was just "meh".  I did decently well, probably averaging a B-.  Going through school, when you graduate and moved from elementary to middle and middle to high, the teachers always said "oh teachers won't care if you don't understand, you'll just fail" or something of the sort.  This motivated me to start putting work into my school.

In grade 9 and 10 I did around a 75% and then at the end of grade 10 I got the "scare you" tactic again about the senior level math courses.  Now I was worried, so I decided the next year to take math seriously which, meant doing my homework.

At the same time, I got a new teacher named Mr. H, he was a funny, nice and relaxed teacher and made the idea of math much less serious in my mind.  He always gave us homework and time to do it at the end of the class.  It was this homework time and my time doing homework after school that bumped my average to the highest in the class at 95%.  I then started slacking on my homework and dropped all the way to a 75% again.

So what's the point of this?  Well, I am glad you asked cause it was during this time where I realized that if I practiced something I knew I could do well in it.  I also realized that math was fun and it was basically like solving puzzles.

This stuck with me and in teachers college, became my favourite thing to teach to my primary and junior students.  I realized that I want to teach intermediate and senior grades for the maturity level and the math done in those grades.

So here I am.  I am doing my intermediate math and upon completion will do my senior math next semester.

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What was your journey to teach math?

Maksym Cord

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