Sunday, October 22, 2017 - My Overview

So as I mentioned, I've seen my friend give me a tour of it and loved it and finally getting to it!!
Check out this feature to teleport individual questions from somebody elses quiz!

Click  TELEPORT to see for yourself.

And after you type a quiz title to search, you see all those questions and all you have to do is click the  red "+" you see in the lower right of the picture below on question 7 and it gets added to your quiz (notice 1-6 have already been added). Only pick the questions you want and then pick and select from another different quiz the specific questions you also want with just a one click each, it really is as easy as that! 

Notice the "red" on question 1 in the picture above, so I hovered over it and it happened to be an incomplete question, awesome, I'm glad it points that out cause on a written test when I make a mistake and print twenty copies, I also have to explain it at least ten times... See picture below for more details.

Next, I added a bunch of questions from other quizizz and added a picture of the town sign and clicked finish! see below.

The last thing I did is assign it as homework and it gives you a code. I suggest doing a print screen on this and save it in a folder for the students to find and do, for homework or in my case, I'll do it next computer class to see how it works myself!
I hope I've convinced you its easy enough for you to give it a try!

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