Saturday, July 26, 2014

Don't Teach Math, Coach It

I came across this interesting article and thought I should share it with all of you through this blog.
The article has been linked below:

This article was great because it talks about teaching math through games. Many of the students that I taught told me that they hated math because it was hard and they didn't understand the purpose of learning math concepts because they would never use them later in life.

I think that this article touches on the challenges associated with teaching math and ways to make math fun and enjoyable for students. The article talks about how many popular games can teach math. For instance the article states how chess builds the ability to follow a series of logical steps and Monopoly demands basic arithmetic and probabilistic reasoning. Although the article talks about classic games that can capture math, the article also addresses newer games that help kids learn math.

Through my placement this year, I utilized the classroom iPads for many lessons. I utilize the game: Tetris when exploring the algebra and patterning unit. However, the app: Dragon Box can also teach the components of algebra. Through this article, there is a clear message. As teachers, we need to coach students through math like their coaches coach them through sports and games. Through new advancements in technology and new and changing games we can teach students through a medium that they find helpful. Introducing math concepts through games is a great idea and I would have appreciated it when I was a student.

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  1. I think games are a great way to engage students and get them learning without the "learning" being seat work all the time. There are a lot of students who just plain don't like math, so anything we can bring into the classroom that helps make math more fun can only be a positive!