Thursday, July 31, 2014

Math Games

So often in the math classroom, it can be a challenge to create meaningful connections for students, and to find ways to fully engage students. It is great to have blogs such as this, with many people striving to create a better math class to teach in. For my post I would like to pose a question.

What do people think about internet math games in the classroom?

I have found many gaming websites that advertise themselves as math oriented. This is not to say that I don't agree, I am just curious as to whether other people use these websites, and if there is a place in the classroom for these games? From my teaching experience and a quick google search, it was easy to find multiple math gaming websites.

My opinion is that these games can have many great mathematical lessons in them, but often times students can bounce back and forth between games, and some will be interested in different games, so it could be a bit of a challenge to have a discussion about the math in the games. I have even given assignments in which I encourage students to play a math game on the internet they enjoy, and then to tell me the connection to math for each game. I found that often the students were not engaged in this discussion, and that they enjoyed playing the games, but weren't necessarily learning in terms of anything that is curriculum based. I am wondering what other people think on this topic, and maybe if someone with a bit more experience/knowledge would be able to help me out with a better application for these websites?


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  1. I agree with what you are saying. I am a new teacher and do not have very much experience with implementing math games into the classroom however, I have implemented some Math games and had the same reaction from the students. I noticed that the students just want to play the game but they do not necessarily make the connection to learning a math concept. I think that games can be a great way to encourage math learning however, I think that they need to be implemented slowly. For instance, when focusing on a particular math concept implement one game that the students can participate in and as a teacher, explain what they are doing and how it relates back to the math topic being addressed.
    Just an idea, I am also curious to hear from someone with a bit more experience implementing math games.